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Our services list isn't certainly small, that's because we are constantly looking on how to solve all your brand or project details. Down here are the main services, but you can check it all at the Services menu section.

  • Graphic Design

    This is our core and "corazón". We eat, breathe and sleep design. We love art but we know clear message is the key here

  • Branding

    Is your brand's soul aligned with his visual style? are you launching your startup and you want it to look awesome?

  • Web Development

    Websites are the digital world offices, you don't want a disorganized, ungraceful or bad looking office. Don't you?

  • Video Production

    "45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week." Your brand needs to take advantage of this!

Our Work

Clear, Relevant & Smart

A little gallery with our previous works, yours will be the next awesome project!

It's you choice, but...

Why With Us?

We really want to wave the flag of entrepreneurship and innovation, we choosed hard work and quick learning as the way. The truth is that we are obssesed with design, work and ways to change the world (to better, please), we are what is called hyperthinkers.

Clear design, Inventistas
Fast design, Inventistas
Smart marketing, Inventistas

Hard Work


Quick Learning


The modern world says: "do not work, just make your own money no matter how", that's cute and act as an inspiration but the reality is that hard work has rewards too. Some ideas could not work, hard work always do.

Learning is so important that we have an diary schedule to learn and improve ourselves, not just as a professionals but as a souls. Kindness and discipline has the same importance as professional skills.

Inventistas, design thinking
Our Magical Mix

Design Thinking + Inbound Marketing

This are two "methodologies" or tools if we can call it this way. Design Thinking allow us to make iterative and creative processes on a fun-efficient™ way, always thinking out of the box.
Inbound Marketing is a human approach for digital marketing, it doesn't think in people as a numbers, but as an intelligent and sensitive humans. Instead of interruption, Inbound Marketing is all about delivering useful content when the buyer needs it.

  • Money Efficiency

  • Time Efficiency

  • Innovation as a Key

  • Appealing to Emotions

  • Highly Social

  • More Secret Tools...


Crypto Payments Accepted

Inventistas is now accepting payments with Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. This are extra options, because we also accept Paypal, Western Union or Direct to Local Bank (ask us for more options).

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